Articles for Construction Sites




60 400 300 35x35
Mini Fairlead
It is constituted of carriageable modular rubber elements.
Painted with polyurethane resin resistant to all atmospheric conditions. .
Furthermore it can be coated with a special non-slip lamina.
  A A B C D
Medium 92 70 845 302 90
Maxi 142 120 992 284 140
Medium and Max Fairleads
They are constituted of carriageable modular rubber elements, resistant to any atmospheric conditions.
They can also be used turned over supporting the passage of pedestrians and ensuring high resistance to heavy loads.


H5 Speed Hump
It is a device used to signal the approach of a dangerous area which induces the driver of a vehicle to slow down.
The element is black but can also be painted with a particular yellow elastoplastic paint.
The modular articles are manufactured with notches in order to guarantee a perfect alignment during their placement and to offer greater resistance to road wear.


*5 70 30 750 165
*6 70 30 920 165
*11 70 30 1060 72
Rubber Edging
These particular rubber bars can be used as end run or wall buffers.
They are modular and available in three sizes, both with hardness compounds of 65 SHOR and 45 SHOR.


* Each article is supplied with 8 mm holes for anchorage.


Wheel bumper


Modular element used:

  • To define parking areas
  • To define parking spaces



As stop ledge for vehicles and loading ramps. The elements are made from prassed vulcanised rubber and painted whit special products conceived for long durability. To improve visibility at night,they are fitted with cat's eyes or reflecting aluminium strips.The colour and any logos on the strips can be personalised. The elements can be fastened to the ground with mechanical or chemical grip plugs to be inserted in the 10-mm holes.




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